Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Caesar and Joseph

“Joseph. Wake up.” A voice calls. “Joseph.” The voice calls again.

Joseph rouses and asks while yawning, “Who’s there?”

“It is me, Caesar.”

Joseph asks, “The time? What time is it?”

“Four in the morning.” Caesar responds. “Are you ready for breakfast?”

Joseph was not expecting the early morning wake up. He replies, “Yes. Yes. Please, just give me a minute.”

Caesar returns to his tent. Joseph falls back to sleep, but wakes again after a few minutes. He dresses very quickly and looks outside of his tent. No one is there. He questions himself, “Was it a dream?”  He looks around a bit, then he sees a light coming from Caesar’s tent. He walks over and enters.

Caesar looks up from his map. “Please enter.”

Joseph looks around and comments, “No breakfast?”

“I like to start early. Breakfast will be here soon enough.” Caesar tells him.

“Yes. I see you have the same work ethic as my brother, Napoleon. What are you planning?” Joseph comments.

“I was interested in what you told Balbus. He advised me that Napoleon wants an alliance with me. Is this true?” Caesar asks directly.

“Indeed. It is true Caesar. Napoleon is concerned with Hannibal. After all, he believes Hannibal will be a menace.” Joseph states.

Caesar grins. A servant enters with breakfast. Caesar says, “Let’s eat now.” Caesar then diverts the conversation to small talk. Joseph does not mind the change.

After the meal, Joseph mentions that the area reminds him of Naples. Caesar says, “Don’t get any big ideas about acquiring it though, I am rather fond of this territory.”

Joseph recognizes the humor, “Oh no sir. Not me. Napoleon is the conqueror, not me.”

They spend the day together. Caesar asks him many questions, mostly of history related to the Napoleonic Age and The French Revolution. At the day’s end, Caesar confirms an alliance with Napoleon. The next day Joseph leaves to return to Napoleon.

Flash Fiction by Gothic Green Headline Animator