Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fog Clears

The journey from Caesar’s camp to Alexander’s camp equals that from Frederick’s camp to Alexander’s camp in distance, however, the terrain is more difficult between Frederick’s and Alexander’s. Ordinarily, Axel would have arrived much sooner coming from Caesar to Alexander than any message from Frederick to Alexander, but a delay on Axel’s part enabled Adolphus’s message to arrive first. It was addressed to Axel, and it instructed him to wait for him in Alexander’s camp and not to make any arrangements. The message did not contain any further instructions so Axel was still in the dark concerning the secret agreement between Adolphus, Talleyrand, Cyrus, and Caesar.

Axel and Alexander did meet to discuss historical events and others matters, but honored Adolphus’s request for a delay. They discussed various events that interested Alexander and his urge to explore and conquer the unknown. The New World was one such subject.

Finally Adolphus arrives and meets in private with Axel. “How are you my old friend?” Adolphus greets Axel.

“Fine, my King.” Axel responds. Then he says, “I was unable to make an agreement with Caesar. He appeared to be concealing something from me when we met. I’m not sure what, though.”

Adolphus blushes and explains, “Sorry about that. It seems that is my fault. Talleyrand and I met after you left and I was not capable of relaying any word to you. Obviously, Talleyrand spoke to Caesar before you. If things went as we planned, then Caesar has joined Cyrus and me in a plot to isolate and destroy Alexander.”

Axel responds, “That explains Caesar’s reaction. He is putting up a front.”

“Yes. He is definitely putting up a front as we are here.” Adolphus states.

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