Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Plot Thickens

Adolphus and Axel return to their territory. Frederick returns to his as does Mark Anthony to Caesar’s. Mark arranges a meeting between Caesar and Alexander as he promised Alexander. Caesar makes his secret agreement known to Mark, and meanwhile, Talleyrand and Adolphus meet again.

Talleyrand speaks first, “Much time has passed since we last met.”

Adolphus answers, “Yes.” Then he questions, “I trust that all has gone according to plan. Will Caesar play his role?”

“Of course, my King. Caesar will contact you when the time is right.” Talleyrand says. Then he questions Adolphus’s end, “Please forgive me, but I am in the dark concerning what has transpired since we last met. My spies have advised me that you met with Frederick, Alexander, and Mark Anthony and Ptolemy, but I do not know the outcome of your discussions.”

Adolphus says, “I’m shocked at the extent of your network of spies. It appears you have spies in all of the camps.” Adolphus pauses to let Talleyrand respond, but Talleyrand gives only a silent gaze. Adolphus realizes it is fruitless to pry further, so he continues speaking and advises that an alliance between Alexander, Frederick and Adolphus has been secured and that a formal alliance with Caesar is not yet secure. Then he asks, “Alexander plans to meet with Caesar. Are you aware of that?”

“No.” Talleyrand speaks truthfully.

Adolphus is concerned about the secret arrangement. He asks, “What if Caesar betrays us?”

Talleyrand weighs the situation, and then says, “It will not benefit Caesar to betray our secret, because it will sow seeds of suspicion in Napoleon’s camp. Caesar cannot risk enemies on all sides. If he betrays us, then Napoleon will align against him. That would free Napoleon to attack him by land, Hannibal by sea, and, of course, Caesar would be exposed to an attack by you. I feel quite comfortable with our arrangement. I suppose he will reject an alliance with Alexander and then feign a campaign against you.”

“You better hope so, because if Caesar betrays us, then Cyrus will have to deal with Alexander on his own.” Adolphus states his position clearly.

Talleyrand says, “Fair enough.”

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